A Neighborhood Restaurant in Tacoma

The Hob Nob is a cozy neighborhood restaurant in Tacoma just across from Wright Park.

It is our goal at the Hob Nob to fulfill the needs of our neighborhood by providing a place for people to nourish their bodies with food made from only the freshest ingredients, and to nourish their spirit by providing thoughtful, kind, and professional service in a comforting environment.

The Hob Nob Story

The Hob Nob building as you see today was first designed as three store fronts; The Hob Nob Food Shop, Wright Park Cleaners and Dryers, and H.P. Kemp Confectionery in the early 1900s. The first trolley ran from Seattle to Olympia, and stopped right here in downtown Tacoma at the beautiful and historic Wright Park (founded 1866).

By the end of WWII, the Cleaners had closed and the Hob Nob became the Hob Nob Café, expanding into the extra space. By 1970, Hob Nob expanded again and remodeled to use the entire space.

Since 1970 (and as early as the Hob Nob Food Shop), we have been dedicated to serving from scratch delicious home cooked meals with family service.

We appreciate you and yours for your continued patronage to our historic family location, and to the city of Tacoma.